Food Travel : Mumbai, Colaba

Leopold Cafe’ & Bar + Cafe’ Mondegar

Food Travel : Mumbai

Leopold Cafe’ & Bar: 

Extending our vision W&G visited Mumbai and the first place we visit is Cafe Leopold.. I would want to describe this place as a decent place to chill out but at the same time hyped due to the shootout as well..and they have pretty well managed to keep the wounds alive by making displays out of gun shots…

Placed in colaba cafe Leopold offers variety of food and chilled beer in sweaty and humid mumbai. You can opt for sitting down stairs or up with AC..They also have little souvenir store by the corridor..

We had ordered fish and chips well no need to tell that fish in Maharashtra is just gets better in mumbai, well cooked and crisped with a perfect layer and served with crunchy finger chips as well as super tasty mayo dip. You will enjoy this dish a lot. We also ordered chicken cooked in black garlic sauce, this dish was heavy and could easily serve 2 people, it gives you 2 big fat juicy chicken breasts perfectly cooked and served with black garlic sauce to add in the flavours to the dish. Just a glitch that they should have marinated or soaked the meat in some acid base so it would give the dish the hit. But over all a happy stomach..:)

You can also try desserts they looked beautiful..

Cafe’ Mondegar: 

They call it ” MONDYS” ..Again a great place in colaba right by the corner and always crowded by good people :)… Place can be a little sorted though it’s like you are almost sitting on your neighbor’s table..he he

Great food variety the menu is always in front of your eyes. Great music and the best part is the amazing jukebox its like wowwwww…the walls are story telling will take you through the life in Mumbai..

We had bacon cheese pasta and it was delicious but I would recommend that you take a full appetite to this place so that toy can enjoy the aroma, taste and the love of the food..bacon perfectly cooked and the cheese oozing from the pasta gives you perfect texture combination..

You can also try many meat and vegen dishes at mondys the staff will be happy to help always…loved it…

My travel for food will shall continue and bring various experiences for you all….

Love Food, Love Travel, Love All…..



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