Review : Nimbalkar’s Garden, Pune

Nimbalkar’s Garden – Kothrud – Pune
“A GARDEN WITHOUT GARDNER” Recently I explored the long due restaurant which always used to catch my attention with the name that’s Nimbalkar’s Garden. This place is situated in the heart of Kothrud and has been there long enough to let people know their presence. Nimbalkar family basically started this place to serve good food to people but apparently they have missed the core in terms of taste and overall feel of the restaurant and food.

This place has a great advantage in terms of location no other restaurant is as centrally located as this one here. They have a big fatass garden inside where they have divided the same into various pockets of sitting arrangements. Look and feel of the place is very MARATHI, It will take you back to good old days where everything was wooden and you get to sit in very gardney place and enjy the food as well as ambiance. This place serves veg as well as Non-veg and Non-veg being Mutton and Chicken Gavran Thalis as speciality. Surprisingly I also saw Chinese food on the menu and it killed my hope of this place being authentic Gavran Non-veg place, and the nightmare became true as I took the first bite….

FOOD: I had Gavran Chicken Thali and trust me any good restaurant will serve you a good food than this… The chicken was totally overcooked, the quantity of the chicken was really less also the Rassa had no taste, no spice, no love. The rotis had maida in it they became rubbery as you went down to gobble on the third one and the salad served was a joke, they had served salad in Chinese sauce. I was stunned by all this as they are wasting such a good place. The servants are all Chinese too :P. Veg food also was a disaster. Overall everything lacked taste and the kick this place should give.

You can totally avoid this place I mean seriously avoid this place.

Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 1.5/5
Service: 2/5
Value for Money: 1/5

Varad Wazarkar


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