Review : The Irish House, Pune

“I’LL BE IRISH IN FEW……” Something that everyone knows and experience, when you have a good time at The Irish House. House full of joyride and people full of energy. One of the hot destinations in Viman Nagar and especially in Phoenix mall. This place is famous for the Irish feel and the beers they serve. The Irish House has a dark wooden and mysterious ambiance which makes you feel comforted and cosy.

The place has music going on throughout the day not too loud in the afternoon but might bring up the decibels as night progresses. They play all the classics bar songs which will make you go wowwwww this is it….:P They have sitting outside as well mostly the sitting is bar stooled but they also have a section where you can have proper dinner sitting. A beautiful bar inside and service is amazing, everyone with Tees which says Irish today hangover tomorrow. They mostly serve bar figure food and very limited menu for mains and desserts.

FOOD: I have been visiting this place long enough to know the place in and out in terms of menu and the food they serve. Mu most favorite dish to go with the mugs in “CHICKEN POPCORN” which is the deal breaker for the nice evening you keep on munching the beautifully cooked and crispy popcorn, you feel amazing when they pop in your mouth. We had “THE THREE LIONS” it’s a chicken dish well very similar to the popcorn I would say it’s just we have a breast pieces cooked and deep fried here, crunchy and served with mayo and chilly tomato sauce. We also had “WASABI JAPONICA” Basically it’s a rock shrimp tossed in wasabi mayo and served with mango chutney. Well this dish sounded very cool but did not deliver on the taste the shrimp was little low on taste and the wasabi zing. I have tried “NACHOS” and “GOOEY CHOCOLATE BROWNIE” as well both can be considered as good food. So basically this place is one of my very near to heart and a place where I have visited many times with my friends.

A conversational infinite loop place. Must try.  A place with many offers and the best happy hours you can ever invest. Tagging All People I have been to The Irish House with….

Ambiance: 4/5, Food: 4/5, Service: 4.5/5, Value For Money: 4/5

Varad Wazarkar



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