Food Travel : Lonavala


Places near Pune have always been in the talks for the beauty of nature, the culture and of course the FOOD. As a part of my life food journeys play a very major role and I love to travel for food and also we can enjoy the places as well. So talking about near places to Pune, LONAVALA has been an undivided part of the short journeys Puneits take very often as it is a perfect combination of the adventure, nature and the food. Major attractions in Lonavala are Lions point, Bhushi Dam, Ambey valley and so on…

Lonavala is majorly famous for the food it produces as well being hill station the best produce of the city is CHIKKIs, fudge,  crushes…So if you want to buy a good “CHIKKI” (Basically its jaggery + nuts ) nuts can vary from cashew to any sort of dry fruits. It’s a classic combination of these two produce to make a very nice sweet dish. We cannot call it a dessert but it’s like a sweet snack for the urges you have after eating a long meal. They have Maganlal chikki makers who are the biggest producers of the chikki products in Lonavala they dominate the market with the variety of products and the shops. Another product I personally like from this place is the “CHOCOLATE WALNUT FUDGE” this is something I can kill someone for a fine product with blend of chocolate and walnut a perfect base to produce any sort of dessert or else you can directly put that thing in your mouth and start eating it makes no flavour difference. This place also serves dry fruits and make a good revenue based on selling these beautiful product.

Let’s turn towards street food and the savoury dishes you get in Lonavala, You will find good restaurants in Lonavala like Mc’D, some good old Udapi places and as it’s a developing city it might get few famous food outlets soon. But the core food and taste is around the famous spots where you will get to pick lot many street food and lip smacking flavours. My personal favourite is the yummy crunchy and spicy “CORN BHAJJI” served with red hot chilli chuttni powder at Lions point someone very close to me introduced it to me and I have been a fan of the same since then. They will also have “BHUTTA” which is of a common knowledge and a must have street food when you are in cold and rainy place. I personally like it with extra zing of lemon and the red chilli. “CHAI” don’t get me wrong but I am not a fan of chai in fact I don’t drink Tea at all so but certainly from the experiences my friends had I can surely tell you that they make a hell of a tea. “GOL BHAJJI” basically round cuts of Potato deep fried and served with the red chilli another good product but the only textural miss would be the crunch. You also get Garma garam “WADA PAV” which will make your tounge go crazy when you eat it with the fried green chillies coated with some salt and sugar….

Apart from street food we have a winning dish at “SMOKIN’ JOES” Pizza place and that is CHICKEN SALAD of that place me and my cousin have been crazy about this one and we have travelled many time just to eat this salad and come back home. The texture of the chicken and perfect amount of mayo and sauces in the salad makes it wonderful which you will not get in Pune, The salad taste and texture is totally different from Lonavala. What I do is order a garlic bread with cheese and put the spoonful of salad on the bread and eat it like an open sandwich, let me tell it’s bloody orgasmic and something to die for…Food has always fascinated me in various ways and every place tells you a story and the food will make you taste the history behind the place..

This trip was not planned but overall most of my travel is unplanned that’s how I keep surprizing myself and cherish the memories as they come to me. Lonavala might not be a food paradise but it’s definitely something not to miss out on at least for Mumbai and Pune folks !!!





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