Review: Oryzza, Pune


 Aundh, Pune

“BOWLING SATISFACTION” Finally I have visited the place called as Oryzza in Aundh. Oryzza is basically small café type food joint where there is a very limited sitting and limited Menu but the limited menu is packed with full of flavors. Quite place and you can chat and have good food. This place majorly serves rice bowls. The basic idea behind is quick and tasty food served in a bowl so that we can have it on the go.

As it’s a small place the service is very limited there was only 1 server available when I visited the place, this place also listed on tiny owl and food panda, the minimum home delivery order is 150/- and which I feel is pretty good compared to all other places where I eat the minimum order for home delivery is above 250 rupees.

FOOD: This place serves amazing sauces to go with the rice and chicken. So the rice and chicken is more or less tastes the same but the sauces vary from Lebanese, Mexican, Thai, Chettinad, Makhani and so on. If you want they provide you the tasters for the sauces so you can pick the one you find is perfect for you which is very fascinating and good. So I picked “LABANESE”, a rice milk based sauce light green in color looks kind of disgusting in the bowl but tasted amazing and the best part about these bowls are they are pretty huge in size so if you eat 1 rice bowl you are done big time. Rice will be little steamy and sticky, chicken pieces cooked to perfection so the layers in bowl are rice, chicken, sauce again rice and chicken so amazing yummy you get a punch of flavors in a spoon full.

They also serve noodles instead of rice and also few desserts as well I have not tried them yet though but I would suggest if you are in a hurry and want to eat something that will kill your tummy monster for a while this place will grant your wish for sure….The rates for food are pretty sorted you will get the taste of elite food at a cheap price.

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5

Varad Wazarkar


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