Review: German Bakery, Pune (Koregaon Park)

“EVERY REINCARNATION IS NOT ALWAYS SINLESS” On the occasion of Coffee with Zomato, I had visited German bakery which was basically a long long due visit. Post the blast scenario this place caught more eyes than earlier it used to be. But I always feel that the restaurant or any eatery should be famous for the food and not for the past or story associated with it, but of course if the food is worthy the story for that place backs it up big time as it turns into an experience. German Bakery gives you a fresh feel in terms of ambiance, sitting outside in open with very nice and innovative arrangements. They have 2 floor arrangements inside the restaurant as well. Beautiful lanterns placed outside and innovative ash trays makes you stay for a while.

FOOD: Let’s go back to the old bakery that’s what the food says. We had “Bacon love tomatoes” and “Cheese Chilli Toast”, As we all know bacon is something that will make you drool over the food but this bacon sandwich was not at all like that..It was dry, the bacon was little chewy and also there was no enough sauce to tie the bread, bacon and the tomatoes together. They should really improve on this wonderful combination of element and produce something really really yummy. Cheese chilli toast was good, it was cheesy, gooey and crunchy so it did what it had to do. It satisfied the taste buds by giving us the taste of the cheese and chiili in a perfect combo. We were supposed to have coffee for the meetup but we ended up eating. But they also serve varieties of coffees that you can choose from…I heard the pizza at this place is good so next time I know my target…

So overall a place to chill and have a good time. The overall experience can be better with a better food.


Varad Wazarkar


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