Review: The Beer Cafe, Pune (Koregaon Park)

“BEER DE CAFE” A cafe where the drinks are poured make people lazy and chilled out. Beer cafe has been creating a buzz in town with their supernatural capacity of serving 45 varieties of beers from across the globe. With outlets in Pune this place is ready to rock and roll.

The koregaon park beer cafe is a big place with a comfy sitting outside and inside with amazing wall arts. You can also enjoy foosball game in between. The best time to visit is afternoon no crowd you can have all the place to your self and you get the best service.

FOOD + BEER: We had “KOLKATA CHILLI CHICKEN” Wonderfully cooked chicken little Chinese style but inspired from Kolkata in the chilli flavour and a best compliment to the beer “SAGRES” amazing beer brewed in Portuguese bit bittr but amazing in taste. We ordered a pitcher and it was sufficient to make us very happy. You can also try food like chiken wings and quick fingure food which can very well with the liquid. They have happy hour and also live bands.

A very special mention  “KUNAL” our man he gave us the amazing service and it felt like home. Cheers to Kunal for sure.

So Chilled out place, Chilled out beer and chilled out people..Must visit.

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

Varad Wazarkar


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