Review: The Biryani Pot, Pune (Baner)

“THIS POT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION” The Biriyani pot an eye catching name and the logo. A small place opened up in Baner in the basement of Great Punjab is under construction in terms of overall experience of the place and food. The food is spread from Biriyanis, Kababs and weird third addition as Chinese. Overall in terms of Food, Service, Menu this place needs a lot of development, I am sure people must be giving them a benefit of doubt as they are new kid on the block but not for a longer time as this is a cut throat competition in food industry.

FOOD: “Boneless Chicken Dum Biriyani” It was a ripple effect the first bite took a leap in terms of the taste and flavour but as you progress the Biriyani loses its charm, Cooked in Ghee due to which it becomes little sticky and down on taste. The boneless chicken had a couple of bones in it which was a big disappointment, also it would be really better if the chicken is freshly cooked or tandoored as that will give the Biriyani an extra kick for the taste.

“Veg Harabhara Kabab” I think they have captured the taste of it but the kababs were not hard enough they were too soft may be runny and that made the whole kabab experience worthless. So they have to make more efforts on the front of managing the taste and flaovors of the dish.

As a new comer they are little in chaos when the orders are coming on calls in walkins so it’s little difficult for them to handle all at once as they have no place behind the counter the staff is standing in front and the whole place looks crowded so they have to have a right approach and calmness to run the place and in all the havoc the major focus should still be on the food because that is what everything is about….

Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2/5

Varad Wazarkar


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