Review: New Yorkers, Pune (Hinjewadi)

“NEW YORKERS NEED TO RAISE THE BAR FOR INDIANS” Recently opened up restaurant in Hinjewadi. As a part of the big chain of New Yorkers it’s a very smartly put up place as the techies this place will pull and the mind-set of people will be visiting is going to be welcoming the menu and the overall idea of the place. Beautifully executed interiors and the place looks amazing in terms of the feel and arrangements. Nice sitting arrangements and a place to have a group lunch or dinner. The menu basically revolves around the American cuisine for sure and they have a variety of dishes I am sure everyone will find THE ONE for themselves.

FOOD: We had around 7-8 people together so got to eat a lot many variety of dishes. “CHICKEN BACON CHEESE BURGER” The burger was very good in terms of the texture of the meat and the flavours. Soft meat perfectly cooked but this can be improved in terms of the texture by making that bacon more crispy and adding some tangy sauce to the dish post which it will do wonders. We also had a “GRILLED FILET STEAK” A buff steak juicy and amazing it can get with a really nice sauce served with mash potatoes and boiled veggies. Steak very well done and not at all chewy. “FARM FRESH PIZZA” A wonderful and colourful looking pizza served in the shape of a slice of the pizza any vegan would drool over the same. “FISH AND CHIPS” A classic dish made classic way with wonderfully cooked fish which would melt in your mouth served with fries, perfect crunch and texture on the fish make you eat the whole dish in a blink of an eye. “CHICKEN LOLLYPOP” Well I would say not a masterpiece but as we were very hungry when this dish came to table we ate it like monsters I would say can be better in terms of the overall flavour and defiantly the Schwan sauce has to be taken to next level. “ONION RINGS” No good has done from this dish the rings were oily and low on taste can be really improved a lot. “HALF AND HALF PIZZA” Basically a very interesting concept that you can order 2 half pizza in the same price so that you get to taste the variety of Pizzas in the place so we had ordered Mexicana and BBQ both made the presence felt I thought that these can be more cheesy and gooey but made the cut. “CHOCOLATE ICECREAM” What can go wrong with this one post such a heavy meal did the perfect job as a finisher.

SERVICE: When I wrote they need to raise the BAR here is what they are missing big time. The service has a 200% scope for improvement. Seems there is no communication going on within the team everyone runs around and it’s all chaotic. The service needs a proper training on the kitchen pass and the overall training on management. Service improvement can take this place higher than what they are right now.

Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 1.5/5
Food: 3.5/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

Varad Wazarkar


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