Review: Sin Envy Pride, Koregaon Park, Pune

“I AM A SINNER WHO’s PROBABLY GONNA SIN AGAIN and AGAIN”  An uptown and high in the sky place in Koregaon park catching eyes of the party people in town. Landed up at this place for second #zomatomeetup and unexpected delight was a cocktail master class from a magician mixologist Ameya Sharma.

Let’s talk about the ambiance first, superb rooftop restaurant where you will get to see a shimmering skyline of Pune. Ideal for a perfect date or a romantic evening which can be turned into a rocking dancing party as the night progresses and everyone gets on the floor. Good enough space at bar.

We started with #CocktailMasterClassby Ameya and it was superb and as you all must note that Sin Envy Pride has seasonal cocktails so you get the fresh flavors and the current scenes in your drink. We were stunned by the cocktail class specially few favs are Encounter, a concoction of Scotch, Drambuie and Mozart chocolate, Jalapeno Margarita which was a hot mixture of Tequila, Lime, Cointreau, Jalapeno and Pineapple reduction rimmed with dehydrated Jalapeno and sugar. Blown away by the cocktails and i think one of the very few places where in there is a special focus on the genuine alcohol and something which you will certainly remember. Before it goes off the menu would love to go back and try out these cocktails.

FOOD: “Tandoored broccoli” An amazing dish never tasted before you will not feel that you eating veg the flavors are that good and perfect. “Peri Peri Chicken” Perfectly    cooked chicken with Peri Peri flavor will leave a smile on your face with each bite. “Coriander Chicken Kabab” Superb in taste and texture. Chicken very very well cooked and moist. “Prawn Toasts” OMG The best prawn dish there ever is so light so well balanced and the crisp is just amazing it gives a perfect texture balance. Lovely dish and something you should not miss out on. “Pork Belly” If there is a food god then his first blessing would be this pork belly when you put that in your mouth it melts and that feeling is just out of this world.”Pizzas” Very crispy and superb base and lovely topping chicken ofcourse :P. “Chicken and Mushroom sliders” Well I would say the chicken was little overcooked but  the bun had a lovely crisp and colour the best part is the filling doesn’t fall out of the sliders. Overall a menu which will make you drool over it. The only
part where I felt improvement was needed was the desserts can be looked at once.

To sum up if you want to have a great evening and a staff so humble and so great and you want to get blown away by the service and the hospitality this is the place. Special mention the Man himself @Sambhav @Ameya Sharma you guys are sprinting towards a BIG thing.

A big thumbs up for team ZOMATO (Vaishnavi, Imran, Prabhat, Antara) you guys rock.

Ambiance: 4.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for Money: #ZomatoMeetup 😛

Varad Wazarkar

A big thumbs up for team ZOMATO (Vaishnavi, Imran, Prabhat, Antara) you guys rock.

Varad Wazarkar


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