Reviw: 1-2-1, Wakad, Pune

 “1-2-1 A SUPERB DEAL IN THIS PART OF TOWN” 121 BarBQ wakad is certainly a hidden gem in this part of the town where already we are struggling to find good places where we will enjoy the whole experience of the fine dining and amazing hosting. Got invited at 121 for a food tasting by the owner Aneesh and it turned out to be a very very special experience as somehow only 2 foodies ended up reaching the tasting so we are very privileged to be there and enjoy the place.

Few good pointers about this place are ample parking, Very attentive and polite staff, Happy hours, Live performances, Gazal Nights, Innovative Dishes and a extremely experimentation lover owner. Woking in Hinjewadi has been a very clichéd experience for food but I regret not visiting this place earlier.Nice Ambiance inside sitting with good lighting and a Big Fatass backyard sitting with live performance stage and superb group places, with kids play area as well.

FOOD: “GERMAN CHOCOLATE MARTINI” Did not like the cocktail so had it changed with a regular drink then “FLAMING CHICKPEA PALLETS” Best bar snack I have had, Superbly executed dish tangy, charcoaled very very amusing and a best dish to go with Draught. “GREEN MANGO CHICKEN TIKKA” An experiment gone right very innovative dish where the chicken is marinated in green mango and Mango Puree before cooked to perfection and also topped with green mango pieces, It was a lovely combination of tangy and spicy flavour just loved this dish. “BANANA WRAPPED POMFRET” The only dish I would say we did not like that night was this one somehow the flavours were not gone inside the Pomfret making it Bland. “SEAFOOD BOMBIL ROLL” Superb rolls and not being a bombil fan I just loved this dish, very well cooked Bombil-Crab-Prawn masala and rolled to perfection in rice rolls very hard to cook but very well executed dish. “KING FISH BAMAIYYA TIKKA” Not to miss a dish Baby king fish superbly tikkaed and amazing flavours of Bambaiyaa Masala just gives you the satisfaction of eating fish with such good meat on it without any work.

For Mains we had “MURG CHATPATA TIKKA” a very good dish but was little oily but goes Superb with “MINT PARATHAS” also we had “PANEER NAWABI” Creamy and delicious Panner dish and any vegan will die for…. Ended the dinner with “GAJAR KA HALWA” Halwa was not too sweet which was really good and that was embedded with Gulab Jamun and “PAN SHOT”

An amazing experience and a place now I will be surly wanna be regular.

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5

Varad Wazarkar


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