Barbeque Nation – Mohd. Ali Road Food Festival, R Deccan Mall, Pune

Foodprowl went to an amazing press invite for Mohd. ali Road Food festival at barbeque nation.

The Menu included their signature dishes such as Tandoori Bater– oven cooked quail garnished with lemon and onion rings; and Murgh Angara– a rich, spicy tomato based chicken gravy.  Zam Zam Pulao– a rice dish consisting of chicken, mutton, mixed vegetables and nuts; or gorge on Mutton Khichda– a rich, meaty dish.
Live-counters and rehri-carts, doled out dishes like Mutton Seek Kabab ; Chicken Baida Paratha; Gurda Kaleji; Chicken Bhuna and Raan e Gosh.
There were various desserts as well mainly Sitafal Kulfi, Mawa Khaja, Malpua with Rabri, Black Currant Phirnee.

As a wholesome experience the event went well but the food lacked the Mohd. Ali Touch which was required so I will not go on and explain the dishes in depth as personally for me it was not a epic experience. certainly improvement was needed.





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