Food Travel : GOA 2015

Travel Diaries: Goa – 2015


One way or the other I think everyone ends up in Goa at least once a year so this travel has been an absolute sub cautious travel I suppose. So all the Wazarkar Boyz planned a trip to Goa this year supposedly named Goa 2015. Well planning stage in Goa takes a lot of time and energy of your’s which is a regular drill before you travel to Goa. So we plan everything right from the place we want to stay, the places we want to visit and till the colour of the flip flops that we are going to wear at the beach, so we did everything in power to make it an absolutely clichéd planning stage.

Now we move to a part where we want to travel by ourselves or we take a Bus? When we saw the rates these people charge to take one individual to a temple like Goa we took no amount of time to jump to a conclusion which will not take up quarter of our trip budget, and when we have a beast ride with us why to risk your lives with a travels driver right?? So we geared up the Skoda Laura and rest was a trip to remember for Life.

Since the focus of this trip was including South Goa more into the plan so we decided to play a dual we got a place in North and travelled to South for the #FoodLove. As a foodiez somehow we shifted the focus of this trip on the food part rather than travelling to forts and beaches and trust me it turned out to be an amazing trip of all the time So let get started on the food and the restaurants we visited and which can never be a miss when you plan a trip to Goa as well.

  1. BRITTOs: A place to be when you visit Goa. Many people are little paranoid with the fact that too many people are talking about this place but personally I don’t give a shit about all the vibe as this place is a beauty and serene as it can get. A place in Baga..Right on the beach one of the most famous shacks in Goa, you can easily spot a TV celebrity sipping on a beer when you visit quite often. So as we all reached Goa this was our first destination to get the party started wohooo…So we luckily got a table with unparalleled sea view. So we all had our poison ordered and started with the food journey. “BRITTOs SPECIAL FRIED CHICKEN” Amazingly cooked and tender meat with super crisp outside served with Veggies and a tangy mayo dip. I loved the way they have kept a sour sauce at the table as well with ketchup which I really liked and go really well with the dishes. So wonderful dish it was. “GRILLED FISH WITH CHIPS AND SALAD” From the picture you can make out how beautiful the fish was cooked and it had that silver cover which was shining, pieces cut to perfection with no bones which was again an icing on the cake, finger licking good fish. We also had a cocktail “LONG ISLAND ICE TEA” Which my cousin enjoyed thoroughly the best part of the drink was it was served in very interesting jar which I felt was really cool. “FULL ENGLISH BREAK FAST” You can defiantly try their full English breakfast though I have had this in the last trip but I thought it might be a single place so that people can read it through so the Bacon crispy and yummy supreme quality Fried eggs and the beans and tomatoes wonderfully executed. A best way to start a morning is face the sea and have this breakfast.


  1. HOUSE OF LLOYDs: A place suggested by a friend near Candolim beach road but little away from the beach and inside the city. House of Lloyds was an amazing restaurant and I was stunned how I missed out on such a wonderful place. Very romantic and a defiantly and killer ambiance place, if you want to visit a good place with your loved one for a quiet and romantic evening. Wooden floors, roof, nice goan music playing in background, dim lights, candles on each table and a very welcoming owner are the few of the things that has to be mentioned to get a good feel about this place. So the food now, “HONEY PEPPER BUTTER FRIED PRAWNS” Some of the most elegant dishes I have ever had in my life, this dish will make you wonder how these people are so good with identifying and cross referencing the flavours to make a winner dish. The pepper and honey go so well with together that we ended up licking the sticks to which the prawns were pinned to. Super cooked prawns fresh as they are still in the sea and a classic dish which I will never forget. “STUFFED CRABS” Carb is something lot many people do not like not because they don’t like the taste but because it gets messy when you eat a Crab, but there is a dish which will make your life simpler and will fit into all your guardrails and that is Stuffed Crab, Crab shell used as a container and stuffed with crab meat, prawns and fish cooked and smashed together. Amazing flavours of the crab and the overall dish is wonderfully executed a highly recommended dish if you like crab. We also had a “PASSIONFRUIT MARTINI” Which I suppose was loved so much by Guys no wonder we secretly drink girls pink drinks. Fresh fruit used instead of the canned one and which gave the cocktail another level of freshness and quality. Overall a Gem of a place in goa and a Legend in Sea food just a bit high on price.


  1. INFANTARIA: Have been visiting this place every time I visit Goa. Most famous for breakfast and bakery items which they serve also the desserts. Small place in Calangute but very lively place to be. You can try “FLUFFY EGG OMLETTE” One of the fine I have had and can be a very catchy breakfast in terms of flavours as well. “RUM BALLS” Pleasure of Rum in a chocolate balls what else you can ask for a quick dessert. “CHICKEN CROISSANT” I would say a good bakery product that can be a quick bite whenever you are going for a party and want to have a quick bite so this place will have variety of such products available which you can have on the run. “HOT and SOUR SOUP” Long back I have tried their soup also and it was amazing in taste lovely combination and hot and sour it was a different part where I had a veg soup because of a vegan monkey. So overall a place meant for quick bites. Averagely placed in terms of the value for money.
  1. MARTIN’s CORNER: After a long first day at North Goa we have decided to go to South to explore the originality and authenticity of the Goa and the Goan Food. So we decided to visit a good hyped place that is Martin’s Corner. So I would say a beautiful place ambiance wise, all good vibes and good people enjoying the food and drinks. A staff very attentive and overall nice place. But I would say the place is not exactly up to the hype it has got. So we sat down and started running our heads through Menu and one thing I realised that they have too much on the Menu and Menu can be much simpler. We ordered “GOAN PORK SAUSAGES CHILLY FRY” Well I would say this dish was a mess to tell you the truth, It was way too oily, and so much of things put in it we could hardly make out the sausages from the dish. Also too much of onion as well so I would suggest they should really look at this dish and may be make it little better, Flavour wise also few elements were overpowering. “CHICKEN MALAI KABAB” Post eating too much of sea food my gang decided to go for a regular so we ordered this dish so Kababs were soft meat cooked perfectly and the Malai Masala was also good but I would still suggest you to go for Sea food because who eats Chicken is Goa right??? We had ordered Tequila Sunrise which was a big ass drink and tasted really great. They have a cute bar as well gives a feel of UK bars and nice music in the background. So overall if you are in South you can visit this place to get an overall feel.


  1. SOUZA LOBO: Supposedly heart of Calangute Beach resorts, Souza has been a legacy a chance for everyone to be a part of the amazing experience at this place. But somehow in this visit we caught them may be at a bad day. Very well known for sea food and specialities. Nice open to the beach restaurant shack and you can check the sea right in front of you. But to be very honest I don’t like the calangute beach so much as you will not find a quiet time too many people on that beach all the time. When I Had visited earlier I had a King Fish tandoored which was just out of this world and this time we had “GOAN CURRY CHICKEN” Which was ok kind of a dish little on mild in taste. “PRAWNS CURRY WITH STEAMED RICE” Something I really love about Goan cuisine and I Like this dish It was really flavourful the prawns were cooked beautifully fresh and “GRILLED FISH” Fish was little bland we certainly tasted a lack of flavour in this fish where this should be the most famous dish. Overall the service was not focused and had a lot of trouble in billing while swiping the card as that machine was not accepting any of the well-known credit cards. So overall though this place has a good name we found it very lousy this time. Hope to see a uplift soon. Looking forward.


So this is the overall book of food journey we went on in Goa -2015. We stayed at River Side view resort on Baga end. Serene and calm hotel with swimming pool and book library. We also encountered incidences like Drunk falls at night, Dinner at 4 AM at Calangute, visits to various beaches and the fun of being together. A trip without any shenanigans and flash of camera….Just the brotherhood and Chilled Glasses.


Varad !!


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