Review : Maratha Samrat,Kothrud – Pune

“TRUE MARATHA” Sometimes we need to end the search of the best when we have something which mentally can’t be exceeded, this place has that ability which will make you not to look for more places for Maratha and Desi meat based food. Place in the heart of Kothrud near Karve Statue is a hidden gem and a must visit place if you are looking for mouth-watering flavours. Sweet place with outside and inside sitting. We had a Foodie meetup so all the food prowlers went to this place to do the tasting.


The list is really really big. We had 5 starters and 5 Mains. The list is as below.

“MASALA PAPAD (Chicken + Mutton Kheema)” – Papad basically served with the Kheema on top of it it was a nice concept and tastes also good but providing you eat it right away or else it will get soggy. “SURMAI TAWA” Surmai cooked to the perfection is pan with superb flavours and amazing texture. “POMFRET RAWA” Beautiful looking dish and superb presentation but somehow I felt that the rawa had covered most of the fish which couldn’t allow that fish to take the flavours from the pan and it was little bland inside. “VARADHI CHICKEN SUKKA” What can I say about this dish superb is the only word the smoky flavour of chickenand the perfect cooking just does the job of flavours for you and trust me this was one of the best I have ever had a must try dish. “KALA MUTTON SUKKA” Again a great dish for mutton lovers and mutton as soft as it can just fall off from the bone. “SOLKARI, KOKUM, KAIRI PANHE” Loved the solkadhi subtle flavour and Panha and Kokum are the good drinks to start with.

In mains we had following dishes “KAALA CHICKEN” Most flavourful main course the kaala masala is very unique in taste and it will be a new experience to taste a dish which is not spicy but still tastes soooo yummy. “MUTTON CHOPS FRY” Mutton chops fried to perfection in similar black masala and again a great mutton lover dish. “VARADHI CHIKCEN RASSA” This dish looked absolutely a bomb. Typical dark red in color and superbly spicy If you are a spicy food lover this dish will do wonders for you. “KHEEMA AND PRAWNS FRY” The best dish this place served this modern combo of 2 different food has taken this dish to another level and I am not gonna say this again but If you are a sea food lover and meat lover this fusion will rock your world. “BONELESS CHICKEN TAWA FRY” Smoky chicken cooked to perfection and in the first bite you get that satisfaction of beaing a carnivorous.

So this is the list where we had to end the food service as we were so full we could not go for the rice based dishes but I am sure the Biriyanis at this place must be good too. Strongly recommended place for meat lovers.

Ambiacne: 3.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5



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