Review: Kiva brew Pub, Hinjewadi, Pune

“ANOTHER ONE FOR THE CORPORATE RADAR” Kiva brew pub had been a destination all the office parties now a days though I would say somehow this place need more attention and has to come ahead in the game.

recently been to the place for a team lunch a common buffet set for 2 different teams which I felt little crowded and little funny bumping into people while taking the food, so we started with the starters being served at the table and we move to the mains in buffet. I might not have an Idea about the pricing as it was a team lunch but certainly the pricing is pretty average even if you go for a la carte.


“CHICKEN 65” Seemed like it but a typical starter dish which will be served in every buffet they can make this a bit tangy and may be balance out flavours of chilly and sweet to make it more interesting. “CHICKEN TIKKA” We somehow had only 1-2 plates of tikkas served on the table but the taste was good little charcoaled and the meat was cooked amazing. “Panner TIKKA” Regular TIKKE paneer de yaar nothing much to talk about here. “HONEY SPICED FINGER FRIES” Well loved the concept though like chilly milly sweet and spicy flavours balanced with the texture as well, nice dish. “CHEESE BALLS” They were little overcooked and lacked that free flowing cheese inside they can definitely work on this one. So then we moved to mains “CHICKEN HANDI’ Boned chicken perfectly cooked in spicy thin gravy with very well balanced flavours ” MURG LAHORI” Compared to handi this dish lacked the taste a bit and can be looked at. they also had regular item like Daal and salads but nothing much that can catch the eyes or the tummy. “BROWNIE + GULAB JAMUN” Loved the perfect combo Vanilla ice cream and fresh made warm brownies , they should have served chocolate sauce as well would have added extra punch to the desserts.

Overall I would say you can have an eye on this place for team or corporate lunches.

Ambiance : 3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

Varad Wazarkar


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