Review: Menchies, KP, Pune

“WORLD OF FLAVOURS” Menchies was an absolutely wonderful and delightful surprise, post finishing a heavy lunch we wanted to have a dessert but everyone is bored now a days with all the Sizzling Brownie shit so on our way back we came across this shop and decided to try yogurt for the first time.

A very cute little place on the corner of KP lane 4 with vibrant color combinations which will certainly catch your eyes. Couple of table to sit outside and inside as well. They have wall mounted yogurt machines with various range of flavors and some are really really innovative like Cake Batter :P. So It goes like this you pick up your cup the size you wish and then pour the yogurt of your choice and amount. So now you can have combo of 2,3,4,and all as well the rate for the same is based on the weight of the cup.


I decided to have a combo of “CAKE BATTER AND RED VELVET” yogurt which turned out to be the most amazing, light and superb dessert I have ever had. Cake batter flavour takes you right back to your Mom’s kitchen when as a child we used to eat the cake batter. Absolute delight and red velvet also smashing taste and it doesn’t feel that the taste has been sacrificed just because it’s a yogurt.

They also have extensions to be added like various sauces like Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Sprinkles, Brownie cubes, Choco Dirt, Choco Cubes and so on….You can make your own little icy heaven here. I would recommend this place to everyone. A must try…

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: Self
Value For Money: 4/5

Varad Wazarkar


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