Review: Fish Curry Rice – Law College Road, Pune

There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot or you can just walk into Fish Curry Rice…




 Some things in this world are meant to be eaten in certain way and for fish the way you get is here. On a chilled out Sunday afternoon #foodprowl decides to visit this place on SB Road and run by very smiley and simple owner Mr. Sandesh. Very subtle place good ambiance all over Marathi Plays and old movie wall mountings gives you a feel of being close to Marathi culture. Staff fast and smiley loved the whole experience. They have ample space on the 1st floor also if you have bigger group visiting. Reservations recommended. Let’s now turn to the core i.e. food. We tried many signature dishes of this place a varied Menu and something is there for a typical fish lover and the bottom line is no fish lover can go back without a smile on his face


 “KOKUM , SOLKADHI So both were starting refresher drinks served in a bowl I did not understand the purpose of serving the same in a bowl but the taste was really really good personally I love solkadhi and I would recommend the same here for sure, Kokum was also a refreshing surprise too. Just a recommendation if they can serve the same in small cups would look really good. “THECHA STUFFED BOMBIL” What an experience to eat a fish which melts in your mouth I never had such a beautifully cooked fish and which tasted amazing as they had stuffed thecha in the Bombil that heat from the chillis made it even more delightful, also the smell was amazing.”SURMAI FRY” So here I felt in front of Bombil this dosh took a backseat even if the Surmai was really well cooked and the crunch of Rava was perfect to compliment the dish felt like it was a very little bit dry but If I would have had the Surmai only may be then not such difference. “Mudhushe Fry (Lady Fish)” Lady figure looking fish cooked to perfection and something very unique I had here so this dish tasted really good very soft meat and just fell off the bone of the fish so it was really easy to have loved this one. “VEGGIES FRY” So we had 1 vegan in the house with us for that person they had cooked a separate preparations and oil and everything and they had fried Banana and some veggies and believe me it tasted wonderful. “STEAMED POMFRET” Lovey looking dish something you can eat with your eyes, a perfectly steamed pomfret and It was so well cooked that had made layers in the fish and you can just pick the fish meat and bang there you go it is in your mouth wonderful preparations with the masala and all. Now let’s turn to mains “CLAMS KALAWA” I have never had Clams till date so this is something I will never forget for rest of my life so this dish looked little average but the flavors were mouthwatering clams were cooked very well and I loved clams and a dish I personally recommend. “PRAWNS THIKLA” A dish which will soon crawl on the Menu not in the Menu as of now so It’s a traditional prawns dish which they want everyone to have a taste of…well the prawns were cooked very well and loved the freshness of the whole dish as it looked also very vibrant in color, dark RED. But somehow the flavor or the dish did not work for me much the traditional dish has turmeric overpowering the dish which I could not agree more to..but people may like this dish.”FISH CURRY GOAN STYLE” This dish looked really good the whole menu was colorful and eye catching fish cooked in coconut gravy loved the flavor of the dish can be little more zingy may be some more ingredient can be added that’s what I felt here. “ADD ONs” Few add ons were like Chatnis and Pickle of cauliflower was really great It went amazing with all the starters making them even more flavorful.

 So I wanna say one thing here If someone is a fish lover and want to have very good food this is the place for him, Prices I felt were little above average but worth the food they serve for sure.





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