Fine Dine is the word when it comes to JW Marriott, place for many upbeat and uptown people. The Grand and The Class defines this place and the various cuisines and kitchens will uplift the foodie in you.

FoodProwl was invited to the JW for Dimsums festival and the launch of their new concept called Evo-Grill. So we started off the night with lip smaking Dimsums and categorically special as there were 10 different versions of the same.


  • Chinese Chive Dumpling
    • Superb presentation green Goblin I called them thin layered and wonderful taste when it come to the VEG food. 🙂
  • Shitake Mushroom Dumpling
    • Distinct flavour of mushroom perfectly steamed and rolled in a lovely balls of awesomeness.
  • Vegetable Coriander Bao
    • These dumplings can be improved upon a bit as the taste goes little flat but what can go wrong if you pair it with a great sauce.
  • Vegetable Spring Roll
    • Surprisingly very less oil when it comes to the rolls and mild in taste so perfect to have veggie rolls paired with Szechuan dip.

Non Vegetarian

  • Prawns Hargan
    • Loved it the most superb flavours and the aroma of the well cooked sea food always gets my buds going.
  • Lamb Bao
    • Mildly sweet and filled with minced lamb, well balanced.
  • Chicken Sesame Sphere
    • My favourite of all the above just amazing pairing and contrast when it comes to the flavours of food, lovely chicken combo with the sesame sphere and the crunch added the texture to it.
  • Chicken Shanghai
    • Chicken shanghai style dumplings thin layered and went well with the dips.


Apart from the dumplings we also tried the Chicken Noodle Soup which I would say can be improved a lot in terms of the broth which was served can have more flavour to it so that the soup overall will give you that punch of Noodle soup.


Evo cooktops are recognized for cooking versatility, distinct design, quality construction, and above all else, creating a social space around fresh-prepared food

The exceptional performance of Evo’s circular cooking surface is the result of a single, slightly-crowned piece of steel that’s formed with a flanged edge to trap heat, then oil-seasoned multiple times to promote a natural non-stick cooking surface.

We tried various Tikkis and dishes like Burnt Garlic Fried Rice and noodles on the concept called Evo-Grill. This was @Shakahari which itself for me was a little turn off as I am not a big fan of Veg food but overall whatever dishes we tried at shakahari the Pav Bhaji was good and the desserts were marvellous as they have a separate room for desserts its like a small heaven built inside a must visit place.

Jasmine and Green Tea are also being served along with the Dimsums. The Chinese Tea Cocktail – a combination of Green Tea with Gin  was a very soothing experience.

Overall a good tasting and launch.

Cheers !!




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