TOSS : Sports Lounge , KP – Pune

FoodProwl 10 month anniversary and we got an invite for a LAZYYY Sunday brunch @Toss Sports Lounge , KP. It has got all you expect from a sports lounge so when I say that this place has Huge TV screens, Walls filled with Zaheer’s trophies, A Small performing stage, Beer Pong Game, Darts and so on…So you can definitely enjoy a Sunday over here and If that has food in it nothing like it 😉

So the Sunday lazy Brunch included a salad, various Starters, mains and Desserts, We will certainly go to all these things but before that I can say one thing that this place has a lot of potential and the location can’t be more awesome but needs more power of attraction. Certainly the feedback and other sources will also help them improve on the same. So well now let’s turn to food …

  1. Totally Tobbouleh : A salad worth asking for more, so I know for the fact that few of our prowlers ordered this one 3 times and that says it all, a superb mix of various sprouts and Tomatos tossed together and blended perfectly.
  2. Potato skin, Onion Rings & Chicken Nuggets : clubbed cos all are in the same boat “Deep Fried” So Potato Skins I would recommend them to improve or take it off as it doesn’t do justice, Onion Rings – awesome loved the crunch and the taste, Nuggest – Can be improved in taste but I would say they were good enough flavour wise when dipped in the awesome mayo dip.
  3. Europa Bruschetta : Lovely dish one of my favs from the menu, very light and crispy well cokked chicken and amazing pairing with cheese.
  4. Pasta : Choose now penne or Spaghetti and Alfredo or Arabiata So we had both I loved both the pastas the Arabiata more as it has good tangy flavours to it and presented amazingly.
  5. Pizza : Pizzas were crispy and cheesy but toppings lacked the depth of the flavours they are trying to bring it to surface but certainly won’t disappoint you when you have a bite sipping on your drink.
  6. Dessert: Brownie with vanilla ice Cream – Ummmmm…There’s nothing that can go wrong just the brownie can be little more softer and warmer, with hell lot of chocolate sauce served alongside. 🙂

So all this at a price of 399 /- with Mocktails and 799 /- with Alocohol, what else can a hungry man ask for…Sports and Food a perfect marriage here.

Thank you Toss for this wonderful meal and wonderful time too.

Cheers !!





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