Summer Food Tasting – Malaka Spice, Baner – Pune

As a part of the summer food menu tasting I was invited being a foodprowl member on the malaka tasting table, It was a wonderful experience as Malaka has been a wonderful place to dine and it scores one of my top blocks in Pune.

So rather than we call it as a food tasting it was more of a food exam so very thorough feedback form and the sections to rate the food on basis on various factors like taste, temperature, the look and so on..The testing session went a bit overboard with the time as there were 34 different dishes we tried out..and the good part was it was paired with the local brewed beers from IBC, Egffingut , Kiva. TJ’s etc.

So there were appetisers, Starters, Mains and Desserts and all dishes were based on the fact that they have to be fresh and very light as they are gonna go out for a summer menu so we had various dishes like Chilled and hot watermelon soup, Sinigang sa miso, spicy cold noodle soup, Warm salad Napa cabbage, Shrimp based Yan woon sen, Duck pumkin salad, Indonesian mango and pineapple salad (My favourite one – very fresh and summery a must try if it goes on the summer menu), Prwans Mangorita, bean stir, Trout Fish, bitter melon and Gourd stir, lobster , tiger Prawns , Lah bak etc..I might be ab;e to remember 34 but they might not go all on the menu as well.

Desserts were very simple I felt could be improved on the taste section but I like Banana cake dessert a bit, so Asian desserts are not my storng zone I felt.

But If you are a Asian Cuisine fan or a Malaka regular I dont think you would wanna miss this one. You shall love it very much.

Great work by the TEAM MALAKA….




2 thoughts on “Summer Food Tasting – Malaka Spice, Baner – Pune

  1. I have been visiting Malacca regularly but was disappointed with the recent experience.Nasi goreng is a universal dish served with satay and unfortunately the dish was served without satay when I asked for satay the steward said the dish is Never served with Satay. I was shocked at that answer and said that I eat Nasi goreng regularly always with satay.
    When called for the Manager…to my disappointmental without hearing me out he said only streetside food is served that way,I was firm and said no its not at streetside food but about the dish that I am emphasizing here.When asked for all the menus including the 4 to 7pm Menu the manager dropped his head and apologized saying Nasi goreng from 4 to 7pm is served with satay but after 7pm is not served with satay so I told him it was supposed to be told by ur staff when the order was taken.
    VERY unprofessional and no service recovery was done.Very disappointed by Malacca and it’s staff.And yes Nasi goreng must be served with satays no matter what time it’s being served at.


    1. Hi Linda…I am also shocked to see such thing happened at Malaka and since you have already given the feedback I am sure they will not repeat the same..Hope for the best .. xoxo


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