Review : Social Clinic, KP-Pune

“Hospitalization for Foodies”

Social Clinic a fancy new theme based restaurant in Koregaon park has been catching the eyes of many people who are looking for a new experience while dining so here it is Social Clinic has based on a Hospital theme the whole décor of the restaurant is transformed into a hospital so there are Wheel Chairs, Hospital Bunks, reception area also the cocktails served in Saline bottle so very Innovative and new concept.

We had “PASTA CARBONARA” which was little dry and the could have been more cheesy in terms of the whole Pasta as a concept, “CHICKEN ASIAN STYLE STARTER” Which was good and the way we expected it to be, we also had “PANEER MASALA” or some Punjabi Paneer dish which personally I like but I don’t expect Punjabi from such restaurants I think they also need to come up with theme based Ideas for Food as well. They served us cocktails in a flask and tied to the saline stand which was really cool and innovative, the staff is very polite but needs to be more updated about the restaurant.

They were not aware about the facebook page or Instagram handle for the place so these things really matter now a days and something that they can focus on. Rest the evening went well and the place gets crowded soon so reservations are recommended.




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