Awadhi Food Festival – Marriott Suites, KP Pune

“AWADHI FOOD FESTIVAL” @Marriott Suites. Went for a food festival at Marriott suites which earlier used to be Oakwood. We have been invited by a PR agency for the food testing or kind of a blogger’s event. The food spread was huge as it always has been in Marriott restaurants and they give best dining experience in terms of taste and hospitality.

With the afternoon laziness we reached the place and sat outside with nice soothing breeze it was really great few flies could have been avoided though :P.


We started the tasting with “FIRNI” a cold milk drink which was served as a welcome drink to us. This was something I couldn’t have but based on others opinion the drink was really good. Post which we had few rounds of “STARTERS” which had lamb starter looked absolutely stunning with a crispy yellow disk and minced lamb, it looked like biscuit and tasted amazing. Also a Broccoli starter which also was very soft and tasty in terms of flavor and texture.

Rest of the food spread was a buffet so we hogged on the Menu like anything. “Chicken and Lamb starters” were succulent and tasty. “Dahi Bhalla” was really really good. “Salads” are always on great taste in Marriott. Special mention “Awadhi Chicken” Coconut milk based and cooked to perfection loved the taste and purity of the ingredients. “Chicken Biriyani” was also nice but the meat could have been much flavorful. We also had “Thai curry”, “Noodles” and the “Daal Makhani” was amazing.

We moved to desserts which apart from the regular dessert table they had “Awadhi Sevaiya” and “Pudding kind of a dessert”. Loved the apple crumble and red velvet as well. So overall a great awadhi experience.




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