Review : Frozen Monkey, Hinjewadi – Pune

“Monkeying Around” at Frozen Monkey Situated inside Xion E Square mall, the place does draw a lot of attention and crowd due to its location. This place has two seating areas inner lounge and the outer open air area we preferred open air for our food tasting session. The great thing about this place is that it is spacious compared to the Frozen Monkey in Shivaji Nagar making it accommodative for big groups and IT teams. The ambiance is great and music will make you tap your feet.


We had a wide variety of food here and also drinks… So “Bag of Croutons” Loved the concept of Bar bits and Bag full of munchy crunchy bread crumbs tossed with masala, a perfect snack to have with drinks. “Rock Shrimps” Deep Fried shrimps with amazing crunch and super packed flavor again a bar bit. We also had “Chicken 69” but they were bit bland so area for improvement. “

In Appetizers we had “TAWA PAEER TIKKA” Something how it has to be not much of an innovation here but it was cooked really well. “PAV CONES” Well little different concept to serve Bahji and Pav, though pav were little on sweeter side and the last bit of the cone will have no Bhaji left, but flavor wise it was good. “Tawa Murg Tikka”- Traditional chicken tikka grilled to the best with great masala. “Curried Chicken Wings”  Chicken wings marinated in Indian curry masala and winged to core. “Sharabi Prawns” Loved this dish, Rum can be little more infused in the prawns but yes loved the cooking of the Prawns.

Pizzas were also good we had “ Mexicana Monkey” Which was little sweeter as the chicken had BBQ sauce in it but I loved the balance of the flavors with some chilli jalapenos and masala.  “Barbeque Chicken”  In house sauce and oven roasted pizza can never go wrong for those who love BBQ chicken. “Moroccan Lamb” Loved this pizza the most as the flavors were bursting out with Minced lamb.

Let’s turn to Mains now “Wild Mashroom Ragout” Savory mushroom paste filled in a puff pastry with white wine balsamic cream sauce I was not much impressed by the mushrooms but the pastry tasted nice and crispy. “A Passage to INDIA” A journey represented in the dish where the flavors from all over India are infused together with Breast chicken piece grilled to perfection and served with amazing sauce. “Rassa and Pav” More a Paav Bhaji kind of a dish tasted well. “ Desi Bolognese” – Pasta strangely married with Mutton kheema served with Garlic paav. “Curried Chicken Burger” The dish I liked the most the bun was amazingly soft and so well cooked also curried chicken breast was superb overall the burger tasted desi as well as international.

Desserts were the most awesome part of the tasting. “ Molten chocolate lava cake” No words for the superbly well executed dish the ice cream was smooth with lovely vanilla flavor. “Gulab Jamun” Yummm so that’s about it.

So overall tasting spread was huge. Few things like cocktails can certainly be counted in improvements which I am sure they will. This is a perfect place to hang out for sure.


Varad !!

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