Review : Murphies, KP – Pune

“Murphies” #Bonappotato !! How can a Potato be such an amazing thing to look at and to eat is something that can be witnessed at this place. Murphies has been always on the pinned list but lucky enough to be invited for a food tasting exclusive foodprowl. We enjoyed the food a lot and something different than the regular particular cuisine people focus on now a days.

So basically the specialty is Jacketed Potato slow cooked with various option in Veg and Non veg. Also the dishes focused around potatoes were also amazing which I will certainly describe in my review further. A great location to be in KP and also little away from the main road traffic a very classy corner and both the sitting available “Inside and Outside”  also a great and rapid and speedy service which we all were really really happy about as we finished the tasting in 1.5 hrs. So this was the fastest one we have ever done.


“Cream of Mushroom” Loved the creamy and soothing blend of chicken broth with cream it was delicious, served in Coffee style with Bread to side. “Purple Island Salad” I was in love with this thing and would die to eat it again a salad which was so balanced in flavors I could only imagine such complexity here in salads. Great taste sweetish sour and tangy.  “Greek Salad” A Salad to be happy about cheese, Onions, Olives all the fresh produce. “ Waffle Fries” Loved the concept and the execution of this dish superb crunch and a perfect snack to munch on. “ Chicken Strips” The chicken was too good and succulent the crunch on the strips may be little bit more crunchier but loved the dip served with the same. “ Cheese and Jalapeno Bites”  Went very well with honey chilli dip and the flavors were bang on..Something vegans can certainly look forward to have.

“Prawns in butter garlic” Very unusual dish this was. Butter garlic prawns well cooked and perfectly blended were tossed on crunchy fries and the combination actually went very well. Hotness of the dish can be increased as all the ingredients are mild but loved this one. “Murphs” The core of the restaurant are these murphs served were all good and delicious specially one with the Bacon J. They had served us Chicken Tikka, Sour cream (Cold Murph), Bacon bits and mushroom, Mexican, basil Pesto. “Strawberry Smoothie”Something which had the seeds in it which I don’t find it very comfortable which drinking but they do have smoothies options to try. This was very good as far as the taste is concerned for me texture was the problem.

Overall we loved and enjoyed this experience at Murphs and Potato actually brought satisfaction to the faces of foodprowl members. Thank you people for a wonderful experience.



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