Review: Bubsterr’s, Baner – Pune

“BUBSTERR’s” Second one In Baner is a place you should not miss out on…Bubsterrs has made its way up from Kalyani Nagar outlet and so many amazing Food stories in FoodFests. This place primarily serves fast food which includes Pizza Slices, Hot Dogs and Burgers. The focus of this place is clean and neat they know what do they want to serve and surely know how to make people happy too. J

We have been to Bubsterrs for an afternoon food tasting which also was 50th tasting of the Foodprowl team so Bubsterrs is going to be a Milestone for us and will always be remembered and we were so glad we did our 50th at this awesome place because the food was super-duper amazing and all were delighted with the taste and presentation. We also clicked some kickass shots which are uploaded below so that you can get an idea as in why I am so excited about this place. Vidur Mehmi & Ridhiema Shahani have done an amazing job working on this place.


“Nachos”  Super crunchy Nachos served with Minced Chicken relish and Beans so Veg and Non veg both types the melted cheese and the salsa tasted amazing finished this up in 5 mins. Also they served “Crispy Bacon Fries” Fries served with Cheese and Crispy minced bacon pieces which were a soul healing.  Then we started with Hot Dogs where in these were also really good ones and not the regular tasting hotdogs we had “Overload Pork Dog” Yummmm so satisfying this hotdog was my god I could not stop licking my fingers afterwards loaded with Ham, Bacon and Pepperoni the taste and texture was bang on. “Chicken Relish and the Pork Relish” hot dogs were also really well flavor wise people who do not eat pork they can defiantly go for these ones. In Burgers we tries “Mutton Mushroom” BBQed Mushrooms and Mutton went so well together anyhow we are fans of BBQ sauce so this will blow your mind away a MUST try one. “Mutton Nawabi” was more toward Indian flavor of grilled Kabab but the spices were spot on. “Steak Q and Crispy Chicken” These were also were tasty in terms of the flavors and also the meat was perfectly cooked. Crispy chicken particular has that additions crunchy texture which I really enjoy in a Burger. The Buns were amazingly soft and fresh as well.

Finally the Pizza Slices..Something you can get hooked to..10 various slices cheese, gooey and delicious crust. Special mention was BBQ chicken Slice. Loved the texture and verity of toppings in the Pizza Slices also the Pork overlaod slice was something to drool over.

Overall this place has done wonders adding a jewel to Baner. Love you guys for the wonderful food.



Bubsterr's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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