Review : ZK’s, New Menu launch – Phoenix Mall – Pune.

“ZK’s” I have been a fan of ZK’s since it was launched and also they brought up TOSS, They have been serving really good food and a ambiance and place perfect to hangout with your buddies. However we had a food tasting session at Phoenix mall which is more of a family restaurant where they have separated Toss and made it a separate lounge. The ambiance is very good perfect for a family evening. This tasting was more focused on launch of their new Menu which is centered around Chinese cuisine. We had a super fun food tasting session.


We started with Soups “Veg and Chicken Manchow” Well this can never go wrong and of course we were hungry so this went inside in no time and tasted super awesome. “Wonton Soup” This soup is on a bland side not everyone would enjoy but personally I loved it the wontons were super soft. “Veg and Chicken Dimsum Dumplings” Chicken perfectly minced and cooked filled in a dumpling and cooked absolutely to the perfection the dip served with it was really good and went very well. “Sichuan red oil chicken wonton” This dish looked absolutely stunning, you will not get this dish in a regular menu it was super delicious and perfect in flavor the red oil added that extra punch to the dish. “Chicken Lollypop” Yummy, Tasty, Gooey and sticky all that can describe a lollypop and something that you keep on sucking till the taste goes away. Loved this dish, a must try. “Satay Kai” Chicken skewered and coated with the margination paste served with peanut sauce. Tasted amazing and the chicken was cooked perfect. You can pair this one with your drinks for sure.“Lamb in Oyster sauce” Oyster sauce based gravy with peppers and spring onions served with lamb thin pieces, the lamb could have been cooked little more. “Dry Prawns” Prawns cooked to super perfection and cooked with garlicky schezwan sauce. Loved the flavors and the colors. “In the mains we had many dishes like “ Chicken in Black Bean Sauce” Super thick black bean sauce cooked with mushrooms till the time it explodes the flavors and chicken added to the same. “ Chicken Teriyaki” I have always been a fan of teriyaki sauce and will always be this dish satisfied my pallet so so much loved this dish. This was served with broccoli. Highly recommended. “Thai red curry” Ummmm well this was not the best I have ever had but non the less this was not bad at all if you are craving for it, you can defiantly go for it.  “Khao Suey” A treat to eyes, this dish looked like a pallet of different colors pulled on a plate. Chicken cooked in coconut  milk and Noodles were superb in taste and the add ons were super sexy Roasted garlic, Coriander, crushed peanuts and chopped boiled eggs. We also tasted Hakka, Pan Fried and Phad Thai Noodles, The noodles were last thing we had so power to taste the small thing in a dish was gone J But Noodles were not bad not good. In desserts we had “Sizzling Brownie and Fruit Cream” Sizzling Brownie has to be improved a lot for sure. J

So overall we had a great session lots of topics to discuss on and focus on food can never go wrong J J


VaradWorld !!

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