Review : The Bar & Eatery, KP – Pune

“The Perfect evening spot” recently we have been invited for an exclusive food tasting at The bar & Eatery in KP Pune. The ambiance and the place looks to be very chilled out and with the most humble owners and staff. We had so much fun during this tasting and no wonders with all these things the food had to be great. So here it goes..


We started with an amazing soup “Tomato Basil Mozzarella” Loved the concept of the oozing cheese dollop with every soup which come after you have the delightful sip.  “Bacon Beer, cheese soup with Chicken Soup” This was really complex in terms of the flavors and complimented very well with each other this will go very well with the drinks.  “Paneer Mushroom & Corn AND Asian Tenderloin Salad” Both salads were good in their own way I specially loved the Asian Tenderloin salad as this was really flavorful and innovative. “Buffalo Chicken Wings” Yumm wings can never go wrong and the more messier it gets more taste comes out. “Teriyaki Chicken” This was a bit typical appetizer but the chicken was cooked to the perfection and the teriyaki flavor was very prominent. “Salmon and Crème cheese Bruschetta” Personally not a fan of cold fish pieces so this was not my type of a dish but it was appreciated by the fellow foodie so if you are a fish person then here it is. “Garlic and Oregano Mushroom” Superb dish mushrooms tossed in garlic and Oregano perfect starter to start your meal with and wonderful dish for vegans. “Cheese sticks and Fries” Crunchy and cheesy that all I will have to say everything else fired food will never ever let you down. “BBQ Bacon Mega cheese Burger” A bit dry but the overall taste improved when I added extra mustard to the burger but the BBQ taste was lovey. “Pesto Sauce and Spaghetti Bolognese” Pastas were totally rocked the evening but we were so so full from appetizers we could not eat much of these though a great dishes. “Butter chicken and Daal makhni” What can go wrong when the owner is Punjabi guy well these will always stay winners. Buttery and creamy taste of the chicken and lovely daal. You can also try cocktails like Zombie pitcher and Mai Tai Pitcher they are good.

The overall feel and the experience is very chilling and refreshing, Great place to spend your evening.



The Bar and Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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