Review : Brittos – Goa

A place to be when you visit Goa. Many people are little paranoid with the fact that too many people are talking about this place but personally I don’t give a shit about all the vibe as this place is a beauty and serene as it can get. A place in Baga..Right on the beach one of the most famous shacks in Goa, you can easily spot a TV celebrity sipping on a beer when you visit quite often. So as we all reached Goa this was our first destination to get the party started wohooo…So we luckily got a table with unparalleled sea view.

So we all had our poison ordered and started with the food journey. “BRITTOs SPECIAL FRIED CHICKEN” Amazingly cooked and tender meat with super crisp outside served with Veggies and a tangy mayo dip. I loved the way they have kept a sour sauce at the table as well with ketchup which I really liked and go really well with the dishes. So wonderful dish it was. “GRILLED FISH WITH CHIPS AND SALAD” From the picture you can make out how beautiful the fish was cooked and it had that silver cover which was shining, pieces cut to perfection with no bones which was again an icing on the cake, finger licking good fish. We also had a cocktail “LONG ISLAND ICE TEA” Which my cousin enjoyed thoroughly the best part of the drink was it was served in very interesting jar which I felt was really cool. “FULL ENGLISH BREAK FAST” You can defiantly try their full English breakfast though I have had this in the last trip but I thought it might be a single place so that people can read it through so the Bacon crispy and yummy supreme quality Fried eggs and the beans and tomatoes wonderfully executed. A best way to start a morning is face the sea and have this breakfast.



Britto's Bar & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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