Review : Rhubarb, Aundh – Pune

“A TREAT TO EYES AND TASTEBUDS” Rhubarb is a classic place where the food is not bound by boundaries of cuisines it is knitted with love for the food and the fresh seasonal ingredients. This place has focus on very small details when it comes to the taste and presentation.


“Duck Salad” Perfectly cooked duck paired with beetroot, green veggies and pear loved the combination and this is the dish not to miss out on if you are a salad lover. “Baked cheese with black olive jam”  Lovely taste of cheese perfectly paired with crackers and Olive Jam which was lovely in taste. “ Lamb Croquettes” Crunch to the croquettes was bang on but the minced lamb was not tasting like lamb though it was good but overall good dish. “Pork Ribs” Yummmmmmmm the best ones till date..Pork slowwww cooked and which fell off the bone when I tried to pick it up. Lovely taste and gooey..sticky sauce…awesome dish..Highly recommended “Black Pepper Sweet Potato” Perfectly cooked sweet potatoes simply sprinkled with black pepper..This dish was simple yet elegant. “Home made Pasta” Another masterpiece from Rhubarb the pasta was exceptional and the combination with tomatoes, olives and walnut went superbly amazing.  “Year of the Rooster”  Overnight marinated chicken in the schezwan sauce and cooked on hot pan till it becomes red and crisp, served with the dried rice. “Panacotta” Not a very big dessert fan but this dessert knocked it out of the park what an amazing combination Mint, Strawberry jam and lemon curd just wowwwww…. Dish of the day… “Chocolate cake and cookies” loved the taste of the cake it was not too sweet and excellent closing dish of the night.

Overall food was really really good and made with so much of love. Do visit and the portions are heart full…


VaradWorld !!


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