Review : The Vigour Kart , Pune

“HEALTHY KART”  Few things that matter the most is what you eat that you become. The Vigour Kart is something that everyone can certainly look at for a healthy living. Foodprowl has been there for an exclusive food tasting. Basically at this point in time this would a delivery destination only. Trust me the pricing and the amount of the bowls and the food is superb. There are good amount of vegan options also available with them and this can be a perfect swap for your carb dominated meal to a protein meal.


“Brownie” Sugar free and Gluten free these brownies are soft and gooey and lovely in taste when it is a sugar free. “Chia Pudding” Lovely light in taste and amazing to have as a one time food in your day cycle. “Ice Cream” Well it’s not a dairy but a good substitute to ice cream taste better when cold. They also have a beautiful spread of butter “coco”, “dark chocolate” , “white chocolate” this can be consumed with toast or crackers and can be a great dip. They also have bars, puddings and smoothies.

Feel free to connect with these awesome people. You can check their FB page for more details. @thevigourkart.


VaradWorld !!


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