Review : The Blue Plate, Aundh – Pune

The foodprowl team visited The Blue Plate, a newbie comes to Aundh and doing very well. Very crisp and sorted menu and the place looks great in terms of ambiance. very humble owner and the staff we enjoyed every bit of being there.

FOOD: “Woldorf salad and Caesar salad”  Great in taste and woldorf salad seemed better in terms of freshness and the dressing, a sure choice for fresh summer salad. “Flat Breads” 1. BBQ chicken flat bread : Loved the BBQed chicken and the taste was perfect, very nice this crisp flat bread. “Peri Peri Chicken”  Yumm is te word..Hot spicy and amazing in taste. “Basil and Tomato” : A bit flat in taste but overall flat bread concept was really good and the execution of these dishes was really well done. “Pastas” I think we had Alfredo, Creamy Pesto and Pomodaro pastas. well cooked pastas and good dressing and sauce what else do you need right? so you can definitely go for an option of pasta. “Hazelnut Custard”  Loved it to the core, gooey and yummy and chocolatey. Must go for….They also have their famous “Mango Devil” on the menu I am not a fan of mango shakes or dessert but this one should not be missed either in the scorching summer.

Have fun, Cheers



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