Review : Cafe ABC, Balewadi – Pune

“Café ABC” A small homely café where the concept is not only about the food but it is about the whole experience. So basically the idea behind this café is to have food while you read from the collection of books they carry at the café itself. So you can pick a book and relax at this place, no one will force you out till you satisfy your mind and belly. All the food is prepared by home recipes and owner herself cooks at this place. You can also use this place as a library and donate the books as well.


“Cheese corn Khari” We all love khari when you are drenched in rain and a hot tea with Khari comes in front of you, this dish will bring you a more twist to the dish as Khari will be placed with Corn and cheese on top of it which tasted pretty amazing. “Pumpkin and Spinach soup” I personally am not a very fond of Veg soups and these being single flavored I thought they could have been better in terms of seasoning. “Veg Sandwich”Nothing can go wrong here a classic Veg grilled sandwich which everyone loves and that’s exactly what this was. “ Chocolate Sandwich”  I loved this one as the chocolate was not pouring out of it and the crunch was perfect the bread was also perfectly toasted and grilled. “ Spinach and Corn Sandwich” Great taste of spinach, corn can be increased in numbers but overall moist and good one to have. “Mayo cream sandwich” I liked this the most it was sweetish and a bit creamy and the veggies went very well with the grilled bread. “Upma Maggie” Something new which they tried Maggie cooked with Upma the texture was little dry but the taste was good. “Chopsuey Maggie” Loved the concept when they fried the Maggie again and served it as chopsuey with the masala broth, the execution for this dish may require a bit improvement but the concept is pretty awesome.“Paani Puri Choco Mania” Well yummmm that’s the word for it Puri covered with chocolate and filled with ice cream and chocochips. “ Paan Jar” This was at the display and can be ordered to home as the home cook has variety of option that can be looked at you can approach the counter for the contact.

Newly opened up places always give you the real story and struggle behind it and you can feel it here. So munch and read at Café ABC


Varad !!

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